CAMCooLER 9Ten11 Studio – a GoPro Cooler for Recoding Studios


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The specially designed CAMCooLER 9Ten11 STUDIO Cooler fan is for the HERO9 Black, HERO10 Black, and HERO11 Black in a recording studio environment.

Fitted with a quieter, high-quality Noctua 12-volt fan to help keep your GoPro camera from overheating when recording and creating YouTube content or video podcasts!

What’s included: Assembled Cooler with a 12-volt Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM fan. (12-volt power supply purchased separately)

The Noctua fans are some of the quietest fans on the market today. Testing with a Decibel Meter, TopTes TS-501B purchased from Amazon, the reading was 55dB at 2 inches, but 39 dB at 12 inches. Utilizing the included Low Noise Adapter reduces the sound to 48 dB at 2 inches and 32 dB at 12 inches. Granted this isn’t the most advanced tester, but this should give you an idea of how quiet this fan can be.  Noctua rates this fan at 19.3 dB(A) at full power and 13.7 dB(A) when the Low Noise Adapter is used. I don’t believe the cheap Amazon tester is testing dB(A). When utilizing the included NA-RC7 Low Noise Adaptor (LNA) that connects the fan and the power source, it reduces the running speed and noise emission of the fans.

The Noctua NA-FC1, 4-Pin PWM Fan Controller (not included) works as a manual speed reducer to achieve truly quiet operation. However, as the fan speed decreases so does the noise, but also the cooling capability of the fan. Some testing in your environment will be required to find the desired amount of noise while providing enough airflow for cooling the GoPro.

Fan Power Airflow-Ft/Sec dB @ 2″ dB @ 12″ Fan RPM  Manufacture Data – Acoustic Noise dB(A) Application
Noctua 12v 12v 5.8 fps 55 dB 39 dB 3200 19.3 GoPro/Mevo Studio Coolers
Noctua 12v Low Noise Adapter 4.1 fps 48 dB 32 dB 2570 13.7 GoPro/Mevo Studio Coolers
Noctua 12v NA-FC1 Fan Controller – High 5.8 fps 54 dB 3200 19.3 GoPro/Mevo Studio Coolers
Noctua 12v NA-FC1 Fan Controller – Medium 5.0 fps 49 dB 2600 13.7 GoPro/Mevo Studio Coolers
Noctua 12v NA-FC1 Fan Controller – Low 2.1 fps 40 dB No manufacture data GoPro/Mevo Studio Coolers
Noctua 5v 5v 6.78 fps 56.5 dB 3440 19.3 Possible GoPro/Mevo Studio Coolers
GDSTIME 5v 5v 8.36 fps 65 dB 3800 25.8 Fan used in all other CAMCooLER Cooling Fans

The Studio cooler fan will be shipped with a 12 volt Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM, Premium Quiet Fan, 4-Pin (60mm, Brown) fan fully assembled.

This fan could use USB power of 5 volts and will operate at a much reduced rate, but will cause no harm to the fan. Since the application is in a studio setting, a normal power outlet is expected to be available to plug the power supply into.

Available on backorder if not in stock. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery after purchasing as this will be treated as a special order until the demand justifies a large inventory.

Stock Colors:

Grey (HEX Code – ⌗888B8D) Black (HEX Code – ⌗101820) Dark Grey (HEX Code – ⌗6C6D71)

Need a special color to match your studio. Reach out on the contact form. Special Colors Available:

White (HEX Code – ⌗FFFFFF) Natural (HEX Code – ⌗F1E6B2) Blue (HEX Code – ⌗002677)
Red (HEX Code – ⌗AF231C) Green (HEX Code – ⌗00A95C) Orange (HEX Code – ⌗FF6A13)
Yellow (HEX Code – ⌗FFE800) Purple (HEX Code – ⌗7758B3) Teal (HEX Code – ⌗00B4BC)
Army Green (HEX Code – ⌗68724D) Army Brown (HEX Code – ⌗775C50)
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