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  1. LOVE ❤️ this thing! No longer have to devise ways to keep my GoPro cool at my son’s SoCal ⚾️ games. Used 2x in direct sun w/ 90° heat and lasted the entire game 😃. Finally a solution I can trust!

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  2. This device is great! I was able to continuously record for almost 2 hours without my GoPro heating. I tested my gopro for 3 hours recording and it recorded without overheating. Great investment. I was able to record my little girls entire softball game.

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  3. I recently invested in the CAMCOOLER for my GoPro, driven by challenges I read on the internet/reddit about the camera’s overheating and shutting off. I was referred by another Father that coaches his son at a baseball game and noticed the CAMCOOLER on the fence. Let’s say I am absolutely thrilled to share that this product has phenomenally transformed my recording experience! 🌟

    I had the opportunity to test the CAMCOOLER during my son’s baseball game this past Tuesday. With the device in action, I managed to capture about 2 hours of stunning 4K video, a task that previously seemed almost impossible due to constant heat issues. Remarkably, throughout the recording, the GoPro operated seamlessly without shutting off or manifesting any signs of overheating. The consistent and reliable performance blew me away! 📹🔥

    The CAMCOOLER is not merely a product but a groundbreaking solution, especially for those who are passionate about recording extended videos, particularly in the realm of sports activities. Its robust design, coupled with impeccable functionality, ensures that your GoPro remains cool and performs optimally, allowing you to capture every exciting moment without interruption. 🏆

    In conclusion, I cannot recommend the CAMCOOLER enough. It’s a must-have accessory for every GoPro user who seeks to overcome the hurdles of heat and achieve flawless, long-duration recordings. Make sure to make this brilliant investment – you won’t regret it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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  4. Needed the fan for my new Hero 11 Mini to record softball games in the summer heat of Georgia. Without the fan I got about 8 minutes before it overheated. With the fan, I have had no issues recording the entire game. Also, I have the GoPro passthrough door, and it fit perfectly. The fan is loud, so the recommendation for the microphone is a valid one. I’ve been beyond happy with the fan so far!

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