The Universal Fence Mount is 3D printed with engineering grade PETG resin with USA made premium MILLED carbon fiber and not powder or dust. This Carbon Fiber Extreme Black PETG Pro filament is manufactured by in Indiana.  Safety Data Sheet is available on their webpage.


While the plastics of our products are very strong, baseballs, softballs, or other sporting objects can cause unpredictable forces when they hit the fence. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a backup method to secure your Action Camera or Smartphone camera from falling off and getting damaged.   By using the Universal Fence Mount, you acknowledge CAMCOOLERLLC will not be responsible for any damages to your Action Camera or Smartphone for any reason due to our product failure or failure to secure the device to the mount and/or fence.  

PETG Carbon Fiber plastics of this product has a melting point of around 167 °F and should be fine in the cabin of a vehicle in the summer.  However, we recommend not storing this device in a vehicle for extended periods.

The 4 plastic fence hooks are made of PETG Carbon Fiber, a very strong polymer that will allow for some bend when hanging the Universal Fence Mount on fences that are not straight or perfectly even. However, too much bend may damage the hooks.

Universal Fence Mount Setup Instructions:

  1. The Universal Fence Mount has 4 holes and 4 L shaped grooves for attaching the fence hooks. Generally it works best to install the fence hooks using the L shaped grooves for added flexibility when hanging the mount on the fence. However, any combination can be used as required by the style of chain link fence you are try to use this mount on.
  2. If using a GoPro, install the GoPro on the Universal Fence Mount, preferably with a long J-Hook mount that was included. The long J-Hook style will allow the GoPro to reach into the open part of the chain link thus providing an unobstructed view on most chain link fences.
  3. Slightly loosen the 4 plastic thumb screws to allow movement of the 4 fence hooks. Position the GoPro into an opening of the chain link fence at the height and location you wish to record from.
  4. The hooks can be used in either direction as every fence is a bit different and may work better one way verses the other.
  5. Normally it works best to start with the top fence hooks to set the position, starting with the top left hook and then top right hook. Once you have determined the top hooks are suitable, adjust the bottom hooks as required.
  6. Once all 4 hooks are positioned over the chain link fence, lock down the thumb screws to secure the position of the GoPro. Generally it seems to work best to ensure the position is correct and lock down the top thumb screws so the device hangs in that location. Then adjust the bottom hooks to ensure there is no slack and then lock down the thumb screws.
  7. Be careful not to overtighten the plastic thumb screw to prevent damage, but ensure they are tight enough to prevent unwanted movement.
  8. On some chain links fence patterns it is possible to use a GoPro and a Smartphone at the same time. Other fences the spacing will not be correct to allow both to be used as the same time. Normally, adjust the Universal Fence Clip for the GoPro and then adjust the Smartphone as required.