CAMCooLER mMod 9Ten11&12 – a GoPro cooler for the Media Mod


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The CAMCooLER mMod 9Ten11&12 is designed to be used as GoPro Cooler around the Media Mod for the HERO9 Black, HERO10 Black, HERO11 Black, and HERO12 Black.
The cooling fan will help keep your GoPro camera from overheating when recording sporting events, blogging, or creating YouTube content!

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  • Anker Power Banks need "Trickle Charging Mode" to work with our cooling fans.  At this time, there are no other known power bank issues. See our recommendations here.
  • What is IP65? Read more here.
  • The USB Speed Controller sold with our variable fans is NOT waterproof

  • 10/4/2023: The Combo cooler with an IP65-rated 5000 rpm fan is a cooler for every user. This model should fit the needs of the sports recording crowd that requires the camera to get in between the chain-link fence using the traditional included bungee cord and the industrial/transportation clients who require a more secure mounting option.
    • Three mounting options are included to meet your needs best.
      1. Bungee Cord.
      2. Two Individual turnbuckles. Provides quick removal of the cooler from the camera.
      3. Two-way crossbar. This is the most secure option but the slowest removal of the cooler from the camera.

What does the fan sound like? Check out the video links recorded with the GoPro 12 in the Media Mod case.

  1. GoPro 12 with Media Mod using the Bluetooth SabineTek SmartMike+
  2. GoPro 12 with Media Mod using only the front mic of the Media Mod.
  3. GoPro 12 with Media Mod using a $40 non-powered bullet mic.


What’s included: An assembled cooler with a 20″ USB A plug, two black anodized aluminum thumb screws, two securing turnbuckles, one 2-way securing crossbar, and a small bungee cord with hooks to the attached cooler to the fence.

Need a longer power cable? Click here for an add-on 5-foot USB extension cable for $2.95.


During heat testing, the GoPro 10 recorded 1080p, 60fps, W mode for 3 hours and 40 mins with an average temp of 110 degrees Fahrenheit and a max temp of 118.

See the full video link:

The Media Mod provides several extra features, and I understand its appeal. Still, it does seem to trap the heat around the camera, causing overheating issues sooner than using the GoPro camera alone. The mMod cooler sold here is probably the least effective in the lineup. However, it still does provide cooling, and the run time will be longer when utilizing the mMod cooling fan with the Media Mod versus without. Yet, if you need longer recording times at higher resolutions, your best option might be to skip the Media Mod altogether and use just the GoPro with the 9Ten11 cooling fan.

I received feedback from a client who purchased a mMod and a 9Ten11 Cooler, and he tested them with a GoPro 11 camera recording at 4k120 High Bitrate.

  • It was between 98-105 air temp during the test in direct sunlight.
  • Both cameras are recording at 4k120 High Bitrate with internal battery and external power connected.

The GoPro camera being cooled by the 9Ten11 Cooler recorded for 2:06 hours until it ran out of memory. The camera with the Media Mod and mMod cooler could only record for 24 minutes.

The camera overheats in these conditions within 13 minutes with no CAMCooLER cooling fans.

As a general recommendation, the higher the outside air temp requires switching to a lower recording setting as 1080p or 720p will work the processor less, thus less heat output. For this particular client that wasn’t an option due to the need for higher-resolution recording for his application. During my heat testing, the GoPro 10 recording at 1080p, 60fps, W mode went for 3 hours and 40 mins with an average temp of 110 degrees Fahrenheit and a max temp of 118. See that full video here:

However, we have found a walk-around solution that might help some users who still want to use the Media Mod. The CableCreation USB C Extension Cable will allow the Media Mod to be used without the GoPro being in its case. This cable also works with GoPro’s Mic adapter. From our testing, the line only works in one direction, as the pinout differs if used in the other direction. So, once you discover the correct orientation, label the line, and you should have complete functionality of the Media Mod. This was tested on a GoPro 10, firmware version 01.50. Hopefully, GoPro won’t change this in future updates.

Click here to watch a video recorded using the CableCreation USB C Extension Cable. 

Works with the Media Mod for GoPro 9, 10, and 11.  It will NOT fit any other GoPro or GoPro model without utilizing the Media Mod. Without the Media Mod, the camera will be very loose inside the cooler and might hit the fan blades. Therefore, using this cooler with the Media Mod on the GoPro is recommended. 

*Attention: It is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure the cooler fan selected will work on your GoPro. 

CAMCooLERLLC is not responsible for mistaken order sizes. If you’re looking for the 9Ten11 cooler without the Media Mod, Click here.

  • Bloggers and YouTube content creators will benefit from this cooler as it is held in place by tension with no other mounting mechanisms needed.
  • The sports recording community will still want to utilize the included bungee cord to secure it the the fence when filming Baseball or Softball games.
  • Made with ASA UV filament that has all the properties of ABS with the additional feature of being weather resistant. Our ASA is UV resistant and resistant to environmental stress cracking. ASA is commonly used for outdoor applications such as RC planes or car accessories.
  • ASA can resist temperatures up to 100˚C (212°F) and display high toughness and impact resistance for functional applications such as ABS.


  1. (This product is manufactured and distributed by CAMCooLER LLC and in no way whatsoever is this product associated with or endorsed by GoPro.)
  2. Patent Pending. All Right Reserved!
  3. Fully compatible with the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter from GoPro. We recommend using an external microphone so the fan noise doesn’t overwhelm the sounds of the game is recorded. GoPro 9 and 10 handle the fan noise much better than GoPro 8, but we still use an external microphone.   A non-powered mic works fine and can be purchased for $20 to $40.
  4. Will not work with GoPro’s Camera Media Mod. Media Mod doesn’t fit inside the cooler.
  5. The CAMCooLER 9Ten11 Fan System is compatible with our Universal Fence Mount and many other fences mounting options.
  6. Fan grill covers may differ slightly from the pictured item and are either plastic or metal.
  7. Bungee cord may differ slightly from the pictured item.
  8. USB extension cable is either white or black.
  9. Fans are NOT waterproof. Please protect fans when the ground crew applies water to the infield and don’t use it in any type of precipitation.
  10. Please be aware that the cooling fan assembly may cause cosmetic marking, marring, and or light scratching to your GoPro case with repeated use. This is cosmetic and doesn’t impact the function of the camera. However, do not use our product if this is a concern to you.
  11. The cooling fans will suck in dust and coat the camera with a fine layer of dust especially when players slide into Homeplate. It is highly recommended to use an aftermarket camera battery door that has a passthrough for the power cable. This helps prevent dust migration into the GoPro camera.
  12. Please note that if you are not using the j-hook buckle we provide with our Universal Fence Mount, your buckle’s thumb screw will need to be on the side of the battery to prevent interference with the cooler’s frame, or you will need a short thumb screw.
  13. Cooler may or may not have logo.
  14. DO NOT use a stepless speed controller module with any of our cooling fans.  These devices control the speed of the fan by varying output voltage, but they have a step booster on the board that will cause an output of 8 volt, thus exceeding the rated capacity of the fans sold by CAMCOOLERLLC.  All fans are tested before being shipped and no refund will be given on returns if fans do not operate because of overvoltage by the buyer.

(GoPro Camera, Media Mod, Microphone and Mount, Pro 3.5mm Camera Mic Adapter, J-hook and Thumb screw are NOT Included)


The plastics of our products should be well above the melting point of the cabin temperatures of a vehicle in the summer, yet we recommend not storing this device in a vehicle for extended periods.

CAMCooLERs and Smartphone Coolers will help to reduce the operating temperatures of your devices and keep them recording. However, due to various atmospheric conditions and/or camera conditions, we cannot guarantee that your device will not overheat and shut off.  CAMCOOLERLLC will not be held responsible for lost recorded video footage due to an overheated device.

CAMCooLERs and Smartphone Coolers use 5-volt DC power unless specifically stated otherwise. 5-volt DC is the common power used to charge your smartphones, power GoPro cameras, and other USB devices.  DO NOT use any other voltage as the fans will burn out.

Due to the dusty environment, cooler fans will operate in, we can not offer any warranty for any length of time on these fans.  However, they are relatively inexpensive and can be easily changed in case of failure. I’ve been using the same fans for about 1 1/2 years without any problems.

Cooler fan blades are sharp but operated at relatively slow speeds.  DO NOT stick your fingers or anything else in the fan blades at any time. Install the cooler over your device first and secure it using the method described in the instructions before applying power. Ensure your fingers and electrical cords are clear of the blades before applying power.