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The Smartphone Cooler will help keep your Smartphone camera from overheating when recording sporting events.

Devices supported: Any smartphone not exceeding 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) in width. Pictured is an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

This is the solution you have been looking for! 
No more wet towels or those shade devices that don’t work.
Over a year of extensive testing in Phoenix’s hot scorching temperatures.


Setup Video:

  • Made with ASA UV filament that has all the properties of ABS with the additional features of being weather resistant. Our ASA is UV resistant and resistant to environmental stress cracking. ASA is commonly used for outdoor applications such as RC planes or car accessories.
  • ASA can resist temperatures up to 100˚C (212°F) and display high toughness and impact resistance for functional applications such as ABS.


  1. Only tested with Ulanzi ST-02S Aluminum Phone Tripod Mount. Use this phone mount or at least a mount equal to or less than 1 1/16 inch (27mm) to ensure proper fitting. The Ulanzi ST-02S is not included and can be purchased at for $12.95.
  2. Fan grill covers may differ slightly from the pictured item and are either plastic or metal. Bolts’ color and material type may vary depending on supplier availability.
  3. Bungee cord may differ slightly from the pictured item.
  4. These are functional 3D parts and they are not manufactured to be pieces of art. They are printed at higher temperatures of the envelope range to ensure the best layer adhesion and to maximize the strength of the part. Thus, they might not look as pretty as other 3D printed materials like PLA or PLA Plus. However, PLA is not suitable for this type of application.

What’s included: Assembled cooler with 2 fans, USB Jack Y Splitter Hub Power Cord Extension Adapter Cable, and a small bungee cord with hooks.


The plastics of our products should be well above the melting point of the cabin temperatures of a vehicle in the summer, yet we recommend not storing this device in a vehicle for extended periods.

GoPro Coolers and Smartphone Coolers will help to reduce the operating temperatures of your devices and keep them recording. However, due to the condition of your camera/smartphone or various atmospheric conditions we cannot guarantee that your device will not overheat and shut off.  CAMCOOLERLLC will not be held responsible for lost recorded video footage due to an overheated device.

GoPro Coolers and Smartphone Coolers use 5 volt DC power unless specifically stated otherwise. 5 volt DC is the common power used to charge your smartphones, power GoPro cameras, and other USB devices.  DO NOT use any other voltage as the fans will burn out.

Due to the dusty environment, cooler fans will operate in, we can not offer any warranty for any length of time on these fans.  However, they are relatively inexpensive and can be easily changed in case of failure. I’ve been using the same fans for about 1 1/2 years without any problems.

Cooler fans blades are sharp but operated at relatively slow speeds.  DO NOT stick your fingers or anything else in the fan blades at any time. Install the cooler over your device first and secure it using the method described in the instructions before applying power. Ensure your fingers and electrical cords are clear of the blades before applying power.

Fans are NOT waterproof. Please protect fans when the ground crew applies water to the infield and don’t use in any type of precipitation.

DO NOT use a stepless speed controller module with any of our cooling fans.  These devices control the speed of the fan by varying output voltage, but they have a step booster on the board that will cause an output of 8 volt, thus exceeding the rated capacity of the fans sold by CAMCOOLERLLC.  All fans are tested before being shipped and no refund will be given on returns if fans do not operate because of overvoltage by the buyer.