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While the online store is new, we have been successful in cooling GoPro and Smartphone cameras in Phoenix’s scorching summers for two years now. Our CAMCooLER fan system works with GoPro’s HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Mini, HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black, and HERO8 Black cameras. We also support the Mevo Start and most smartphones.

Checkout the review of our GoPro Cooling fan by Danny Black on YouTube. 
Danny has thousands of followers and provides great reviews for GoPro products along with great tips, tricks, and GoPro settings.
  • 2/26/2023: HERO11 Black Mini recorded for 23 hours (1080p) with our cooling fan at max temp of 127.7° F and an average temp of 120.6° F. See the complete GoPro video here View temp chart here
  • 2/16/2023: HERO11 Black Mini recorded for 4 hours (1080p) with our cooling fan at max temp of 137° F and an average temp of 121° F.  Memory card filled up and stopped the recording, but no overheat! Video and data coming soon. I believe I’ve found my new “go-to” camera.
  • From our testing, outside air temperatures above 123° F without the internal battery installed and 115° F with it installed appear to be the limits of our cooling systems when tested with a GoPro 10!

The Universal Fence Mount is an all-in-one device that is a great backstop camera mount as a GoPro fence clip mount, Smartphone fence mount, Mevo Start fence mount, or all three at the same time.  Now manufactured with Polycarbonate that is stronger with better impact resistance. PolyMax™ PC, an engineered PC filament,  has excellent strength, toughness, and heat resistance. It is ideal for a wide range of engineering applications and makes for a great GoPro fence mount for baseball or softball games!

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*Attention: GoPro Coolers are camera specific.

Camera Cooling Systems

Keeping a camera recording on a warm summer day is a challenge regardless of location, but it can be almost impossible in the southwest where it gets really hot. We’ve looked at thermoelectric cooler Peltier devices, but they draw large amounts of power and are only about 2 percent efficient. That would be fine if every ballpark had an electrical plug behind every backstop, it worked, and you could beat out every other parent there for access. A shading device will help, but the majority of the time it alone will not suffice. According to GoPro and Logitech, these cameras need airflow movement to “wick” the heat away. Our camera coolers are a shading device along with active cooling blower fans. 

We’ve been doing this for two years successfully, click here for proof showing the effectiveness of the CAMCooLER Camera Cooler on a few of the hottest weekends of recorded game videos with no GoPro camera overheats. Check out our Blog to review all the heat stress video data results.

CAMCooLER 9Ten11 cooling fan kept the GoPro 10 recording for over 4 hours at an average temperature of 119° F at 1080P | 60 | W, without the internal GoPro battery installed. 

CAMCooLER 9Ten11 can keep a GoPro 10 recording for over 11 hours at room temperature versus 22 mins without the cooling fan at the 5.3k | 60 | L+ setting. 

Hero10 Black recorded for 7 hrs at 5.3K and 60 fps with our CAMCooLER Cooler Dual Fans versus 25 minutes without (2022 Testing)

A common problem in camera product design—particularly in electronics cooling—is managing thermal conditions for optimal efficiency. The core of the challenge is designing energy-efficient microprocessors and printed circuit boards (PCBs) that will not overheat. A frequently overlooked aspect of thermal management problem-solving is architectural design. To tackle and alleviate the difficulties and inefficiencies that arise as a result of heat, engineers employ different cooling systems to manage conditions.

Passive cooling achieves natural convection and heat dissipation by utilizing the case of the camera for radiation and convection heat transfer modes. These methods are not effective when utilizing an action camera to record a sporting event on a chain-link fence on a warm summer day. A shade cover may help, but it will probably not be a reliable solution. 

On the other hand, active cooling refers to cooling technologies that rely on an external device to enhance heat transfer. Through active cooling technologies, the rate of fluid flow increases during convection, which dramatically increases the rate of heat removal. Active cooling solutions include forced air through a fan or blowers like those deployed with our camera cooling systems have shown to be very effective. 

With its built-in shade design of passive cooling and the active cooling blower fans, our CAMCooLER camera cooling system is the solution that every parent or coach has struggled with…keeping the action camera like a GoPro from not overheating.  

Below is a list of games recorded with the Hero8 Black using the CAMCooLER Cooler Fans and the daily temperature historical data. This should help give you an idea of how effective these Cooler Fans are. See more data here.

Game Video Links: 6/27/2021

7/8/2022. GoPro Cooler and Smartphone Cooler keep cameras cool during a softball game. Temperature 111 F

View the complete game video at:

CAMCooLER 9Ten11
CAMCooLER 9Ten11 Fan Cooling System. $40.00
CAMCooLER 8 Cooling Fan
CAMCooLER 8 Fan Cooling System. $40.00
Mevo Start Cooler. $45.00

Over two years of extensive testing in Phoenix’s hot scorching temperatures.

Our Camera cooling system is the solution you have been looking for! 
No more wet towels or those shade devices that don’t work.
The CAMCooLER for GoPro cameras, Smartphone Cooler, and Mevo Start Cooler will help keep your devices cool and recording!
Order Today! 

The Universal Fence Mount is just right for the price and functionality. 

Our Universal Fence Mount is an all-in-one device that is a great backstop camera mount as a GoPro fence clip mount, Smartphone fence mount, Mevo Start fence mount, or all three at the same time.

Update: July 7,2022.

The Universal Fence Mount is now currently on revision 3.0 and is manufactured with an upgraded Polycarbonate polymer. Not much has changed from the first design, but revision 3.0 is 2mm thicker with the center area being 3mm thicker than before. There is an integrated bubble level to make it easier to ensure your GoPro will be level when installing it on the fence. The integrated Mevo Start mount on the bottom of the mount has been strengthened and now includes a broader opening to use a wider range of mounts from ¼ to 3/8-inch cold shoe mounts. (actual opening is 31/64 inch, not quite 1/2 inch)

The previous PETG Carbon Fiber mount was strong, but the new Polycarbonate is even stronger with better impact resistance. Printed with PolyMax™ PC, an engineered PC filament,  it has excellent strength, toughness, and heat resistance. It is the ideal choice for a wide range of engineering applications and makes for a great GoPro fence mount for baseball or softball games!

This material has a very high tensile strength, but the toughness (impact resistance) is amazing and yet it provides great stiffness. During our hook weight test, the Polycarbonate printed hooks held 300 pounds before breaking, compared to 146 pounds of the PETG Carbon Fiber. 

Our manufacturing process has evolved and we have invested thousands in upgrading our 3d printers to be able to print this material. The material must be dry to print thus requiring a heating/drying box before printing and then after printing each part needs to be annealed in an oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. 

Revision 3.0 is going to be a bit more expensive than the previous one, but these upgrades are always included at no additional charge:

  • J-Hook Design Buckle with an upgraded aluminum thumb screw for GoPro. Camera placement is everything and we want you to use the best buckle for recording so we include it at no additional charge. 
  • Built-in bubble level to ensure the mount is level.
  • Mevo Start Camera mounting plate is now built into the fence mount. 

You’ll need to provide a method for attaching the Mevo Start Camera to the fence mount and we recommend the Multi-Function Double Ball Head or the Smallrig 11″ Magic Arm for the greatest flexibility or the 1/4″ Flash Hot Shoe Mount With Double Nuts for the lowest budget option.

Polycarbonate hook holding 300 lbs

College coaches love to see actual game footage for recruiting.

This is the solution you have been looking for! 
No more wet towels or those shade devices that don’t work.
Keep your GoPro Cool!
Keep it recording!
GoPro Fence Mount

Recording and Streaming

For our club teams, we use a GoPro Hero8 Black or Hero10 Black for recording the complete game. Recorded on a Lexar 512GB U3 A2 1066x microSD card at 1080P with 60 fps. See GoPro for the recommended sdcards… just don’t use the cheap ones as you won’t like the results.  

After the tournament, I upload the complete game videos to the GoPro cloud using their Subscription service ($50 a year for unlimited cloud storage and it’s also the camera warranty).  I then share the link of each game with all players and parents so they can watch or download the video for their highlight reels. The shared links require no login; therefore they only have access to what you share with them and no other uploaded videos.

As for streaming the game live, I use my kid’s smartphone that is playing to broadcast the game live via GameChanger TeamManager. I’m not using my data for this, sorry kids.

I’ve tried other methods and cameras, but getting the GoPro to link to a hotspot and/or streaming service can be troublesome and problematic. Other cameras don’t provide unlimited cloud service either. 

My philosophy is the recorded video is the gold standard and what I use for making recruiting videos. The live streaming video, although nice to have for parents not attending, is secondary.

About Us

We are a small family business in Gilbert, AZ. We have 3 daughters who play softball year-round and in a quest to find a way to keep our GoPro and Smartphones from overheating while recording games, we developed a camera cooling system that no one else is currently offering.  The first design was quite bulky, but the final compact version works great!

Also, we have tried just about every fence mount on the market. The cheap GoPro fence mounts DIY products don’t work and the high-quality stainless steel GoPro mounts are great but way overpriced.  Also, they get very hot sitting in direct sunlight and burn your hands. That is not a problem with our polycarbonate mounts.  We believe our Universal Fence Mount is just right for the price and functionality.

We get it. We understand how expensive these sports are.

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