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  1. I just received my CAMCooler exactly when the tracking info said I would, 4 days after I ordered on a Sunday! Excellent job so far! Your website is extremely informative and helpful. I’m new to the GoPro scene. I just bought one 5 days ago, and discovered it got hot indoors in A/C when I tested it livestreaming a 5 – 1/2 minute video. I started to research and came across your website. I was on the fence after seeing a bunch of info after a bit of research. But after seeing the Danny Black review on YouTube, I decided to buy. I did use my GoPro to live stream my son’s baseball game without the CAMCooler 2 days ago, just to see what would happen. Surprisingly, I live streamed the 2-1/2 hour game with no issues. I live in Miami, and the temp was mid to high 80’s. It was 3:30 in the afternoon when the game started, and a light breeze. The camera wasn’t in direct sunlight, and the sun was getting close to setting. I’m still glad I got the CAMCooler, I’m sure it will only help my GoPro function better. I’m impressed with the quality of the device! I look forward to using the CAMCooler! Thank you very much for all you helpful info and most importantly for inventing, manufacturing, and providing this wonderful device!!!

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  2. I’ve been using for about 2 years. Very effective in the hot Arizona summers and the only way to keep a GoPro from overheating.

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  3. Great product! A+
    Question 1: GoPro Cooler Fan is High Quality? Anwer: Strongly Agree
    Question 2: GoPro Cooler Fan is very Functional? Answer: Strongly Agree
    Question 3: Would You Love To Shop Again From Us? Answer: Yes

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