Super Clamp Fence Mount and Magic Arm 11″ with Aluminum Gears

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Magic Arm 11" with Aluminum Gears (Included with Clamp)

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(Add-on) Magic Arm 11" with Aluminum Gears

12" Safety Strap - Included for free!

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Multi-Function 3" Double Ball Head (Add-on)

CAMCooLER 9Ten11 Cooler (Add-on)


CAMCooLER 11Mini Cooler (Add-on)


CAMCooLER 8 Cooler (Add-on)


Mevo Start Cooler (Add-on)


Smartphone Cooler (Add-on)


Ulanzi ST-02S Phone Mount (Add-on)


Battery Holder

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The Universal Fence Mount is an affordable all-in-one device that is a great backstop camera mount as a GoPro fence clip mount, Smartphone fence mount, Mevo Start fence mount, or all three at the same time. It will keep your action camera or smartphone close to the fence and held firmly in place while recording softball, baseball, or any other sports where fencing is restricting your view.

  • What’s Included:
    • Super Clamp,
    • One Magic Articulating Arm 11″ with Aluminum Gears,
    • 12″ Safety Strap with carabiner 

Note: Gallery pictures show how this fence mount can be used and outfitted with additional magic arms and/or accessories and are not included in the purchase price of the basic kit.

We have sourced some of the best products available for this new fence mount setup. This setup has been tested over the last 6 months and love it so much that the polycarbonate fence mount we manufacture has been discontinued.  We only manufacture and sell products that we use and have tested.  A quick look on Amazon at the fence mounts there and a lot of them don’t have the cameras pointed in the correct direction, so it’s quite obvious they don’t use the products they sell. The Super Clamp is not available on Amazon, or at least anywhere close to this price point, and since we want to ensure your camera’s safety, we’ve included the safety tether for free. Although it probably isn’t needed and we didn’t have a fence mount fall off in our extensive testing,  with only a single point of contact it is probably best to error on the side of caution.

We offer this fence mount in two options in regards to the magic arms: Stainless Steel Gears or Aluminum Gears. The Super Clamp is identical for both products. We’d recommend for heavy users purchase the Stainless Steel Gears version of the magic arm as the added durability of the gears will stand up to the usage.  If you only plan on using the fence mount once a month or so, the Aluminum Gears version of the magic arm will be fine for your needs.  It is a quality product, but slightly less expressive than the Stainless steel version.

Restrictions and Limitations of Liability:

While the plastics of our products are very strong, baseballs, softballs, or other objects can cause unpredictable forces, therefore it is not possible to offer any type of refunds for products manufactured and/or sold by CAMCOOLERLLC. We do offer a free replacement of a broken fence mount or hook within 90 days of purchase. Fill out the contact form within 90 days of purchase with your order number and a picture(s) of the broken part, and we will ship out a replacement item. After 90 days we can provide replacement parts at minimal costs. 

Also, it is highly recommended to use a backup method to secure your Action Camera or Smartphone camera from falling off and getting damaged. 

CAMCOOLERLLC and its related, affiliated, and subsidiary units, including teams, will not be liable for any damages or injury caused by, including but not limited to, any failure of the Universal Fence Mount, or any other product manufactured and/or sold by CAMCOOLERLLC and you acknowledge that CAMCOOLERLLC will not be responsible for any damages to your Action Camera or Smartphone for any reason due to our product failure, a product sold by CAMCOOLERLLC, or failure to secure the device to the mount and/or fence.  The end-user assumes all responsibility for any damage that could occur to the fence, netting, or any other surface, object, or person when using the Universal Fence Mount, or any other product manufactured and/or sold by CAMCOOLERLLC.