Variable Speed Fan USB CNTLR-Black


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Introducing our latest innovation: an adjustable rpm fan designed to cater to your specific cooling needs. Whether you find yourself in a cozy studio environment or basking under the scorching sun at your next event, this fan has got you covered. With the ability to lower the fan speed, we have successfully minimized the noise output, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere for your studio endeavors while still helping to prevent your GoPro from overheating.

Equipped with an included user-friendly controller, our variable fan offers a wide range of rpm options, ranging from a gentle 2200 rpm to an impressive 6500 rpm. While it is highly improbable that you will ever require speeds exceeding 5000 RPMs, we believe in providing you with the flexibility to adjust the output according to your preferences without compromising the electrical integrity of the fan. Embrace the power of choice and experience the perfect balance between cooling efficiency and noise reduction with our variable rpm fan.

If the variable controller is unnecessary for every event, set it aside and connect the fan directly to the USB plug for a constant 5000 rpm fan.